Finance Manager Job Description

The role of a finance manager is to monitor the financial resources of a company. He is also liable for the budget planning and aids the executive supervision of the team by providing perspicacity along with financial input which will help the company in taking the most valuable business choices for benefit of the company. As a Finance manager, you are supposed to evaluate daily finance-related activities and guide the topmost management of the firm regarding future financial plans. A finance manager is the embedding in the dominant business outcomes and their performance is essential to the success of the firm. They may employ finance managers in varied environments, comprising both public and private sector organizations. The finance manager was also responsible for operating in many varying industries, like banking, finance, healthcare, and insurance, to name a few. Their day-to-day tasks revolve around, analyzing financial reports, supervising accounts, and drawing up financial forecasts. The company requires finance managers to figure out ways to improve profit ratios and evaluate marketplaces for ideal industry-related opportunities, such as expansion, mergers, and acquisitions. The post of a finance manager commonly requires a graduate degree in accounting, business, economics, or finance, a valid experience of several years is also needed. An exact number of years varies in the firms.


  • Keeping a close eye on day-to-day financial operations within the company (payroll, invoicing, and other transactions).
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly management reporting
  • Take part in key data analysis, research, and fashioning for senior company leadership
  • Sustaining project analysis, corroboration of plans.
  • Take care of the company’s financial accounting, tracking, and reporting systems.
  • Ensuring acquiescence with accounting policies and managerial requirements of the company.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting
  • A good 5-8 years of expertise in accounting and/or financial analysis, some firms prefer experience in the relevant field.
  • Competence to integrate huge quantity of complex data into actionable information
  • Ingenuity to work and efficaciously interact with senior-level business partners.
  • Fine business acumen, rational, and decision-making skills always come in handy.
  • Ability to proficiently use fiscal reporting and data mining tools such as SQL, Access, etc.
  • Sharp exhibited the use of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint


  • Accountancy or Finance
  • ACA
  • ACCA
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Business Studies
  • Management

Postgraduate degrees in financial management will be a point of benefit to stand out in the crowd and also ensure smooth upgrading career wise. Besides the bookish stuff, you need some out of the box skills that are usually not described in a Finance Manager Job description:

  • An analytical mind to foresee profitability.
  • Above Par Intervention skills and the strength to establish strong working relationships.
  • You should have an eagle’s sight for Commercial and business awareness.
  • For any key roles communications, skills are mandatory. Both written and verbal.
  • A well-honed taste for detail and wish to delve extra into data.
  • Readiness to stick to time restraints.
  • You should also hold remarkable Interpersonal skills
  • Always remember to be Punctual.
  • You must have Critical thinking skills to qualify.
  • A leading position requires effortless teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Your Adaptability skills and ability to blend in with the environment are a necessity.
  • Sticking to the Work ethic and office code.

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