Financial Accountant Recruitment Agency

Financial Accountant Recruitment Agency

Here at Finance Recruitment, we are happy to support your organization, whether you be a business, charity, agency or even start-up. Our financial accountant recruitment agency has specialist finance recruiters that are experts at finding the right member of staff to meet your specific requirements.

Typically, companies looking for financial accountant recruitment provide detailed information about the responsibilities and skills. By focusing on this typical role information, our finance recruiters will source the eligible candidates to suit your requirements. If you are also looking for a financial accountant, or are looking to become one, you should read this comprehensive guide on financial accountant recruitment.

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What Is A Financial Accountant?

The duties and responsibilities of the financial accountant are similar to Management accountants. However, unlike the Management Accountants, Financial Accountants can directly report to the financial controllers. It means that the level of a financial accountant is junior to Management Accountant. But they are also responsible for analysing the financial reports and fills the prestigious position within the organisation. Another important role that they must play is statutory reporting. If you are a job seeker, then you should know about various important skills and responsibilities for the financial accountant role. So proceed with this article for becoming the most suitable candidate for this position.

The Skills Required To Become A Financial Accountant

The following attributes and skills definitely help if you want to become a successful and competitive financial accountant.

  • Good educational background in accounting and Finance along with three or five years of experience in the relevant field.
  • Detailed and comprehensive knowledge and expertise in using accounting tools as well as deadline driven mindset.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills along with the capability to critically analyse.
  • Great communication skills in terms of writing and speaking. Oral communication skills help in dealing with the problematic customer problems while written communication skills are required for creating invoices, receipts and applications within the organisation.
  • Ability to review all kinds of statistical and data-related anomalies.
  • Strong leadership, teamwork and negotiation skills that can help the financial accountant in dealing with the employees and clients. They are also necessary for maintaining healthy long-term working relationships.
  • The ability to consider themselves accountable for the senior accountant managers and work under their guidance.

Remember that a professional qualification in the accounting field such as ACCA is a very big plus when it comes to becoming a financial accountant. It can bring you to a very good position within an organisation and you will be considered for all kinds of budgeting and financial decisions and potential business plans.

Are You A Financial Accountant Candidate Or Hiring Manager?

At the Finance Recruitment Agency, we have everything for financial accountant candidates as well as for hiring managers. We get applications and requests from both the hiring companies as well as from the eligible and expert financial accountant candidates looking for excellent job opportunities. Our finance professionals play the role of the bridge and connect the most suitable and experienced candidates with the companies and promise the companies for providing them with the best people.

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